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Stolen property is rarely returned to its rightful owner.

Obviously this can be particularly distressing if the property is irreplaceable such as the vital assets of a business, or an item that is priceless or of sentimental value.
This is no longer the case however.

Get Your Belongings Back by Using SmartWater

SmartWater effectively puts your fingerprint on every item, clearly identifying it as yours. It cannot be removed and can only be identified by specialist police equipment.
If a criminal manages to steal an item, they will then have your fingerprint on them. This helps police identify and return your property and to catch the thief.

* It's simple to put on each item

* It's completley invisible

* Can be used on anything ranging from Art, Computers and Jewellery to large machinery

* You can have different Water to identify items to different premises

* You can use specially designed deterrent signage

* Many Insurance companies offer discounts for using SmartWater

* Scientists will attend Court on your behalf at no cost should the need arise

It has certainly got Burglars worried. 75% have said that they would avoid anywhere that uses SmartWater.

Over 1 million properties (20 million items) are now secured using SmartWater.

If you think that SmartWater could help protect your property, then please Call Us on 01452 309 835.