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Commercial CCTV Installations For Your Business

To protect your livelihood it’s crucial that you protect your business from harm. Threats to your business exist in many forms but from a security perspective it is open to abuse from such things as vandals and thieves.

The very latest Closed Circuit TV Technology is able to record and store high quality video footage of the key risk areas of your business. Should any potential issue arise the footage can be reviewed by any authorised personnel and be used by police in solving the crime. The footage can also be used in court as evidence, unlike some unauthorised equipment on the market.

Live footage can even be networked and securely accessed from your computer or mobile phone anywhere in the world at any time. Ideal if you want to keep a check on things while you’re away.

The placement of CCTV cameras is key to reducing the risk to your business, so it’s important that a fully-qualified engineer discusses your business and its operation as part of a site survey or you could be simply wasting your money.

And if you decide it’s right for you, then we guarantee all our work for 2 whole years.